Hire Remote Employee

A virtual or remote employee always save time and cost of a business, Knowing how to manage your time and stay accountable completely independent of an office or manager close-by, are vital skills that employees in an office don’t necessarily have to master.

Before hiring a remote worker who will be operating from a distance, you need to look closely at their communication skills, work ethic, and time management skills or if any project manager who can work as primary point of contact for you and report work done by remote employee.

In addition to the skills they need to complete their job, these soft skills will help ensure timely deliverables from a responsive remote worker you don’t feel like you’re always “looking” for.

Creative IT Brains has following in-house available remote/virtual resources, who can work for you:

  • 1) Web Developer

  • 2) Mobile App Developer ( iOS and Android )

  • 3) Software Developer

  • 4) Digital marketer ( SEO,SMO )

  • 5) Book-keeping and accounting

  • 6) Administrative

  • 7) Content Writer