Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions and Services

IoT is a connectivity of all physical devices which are connected through internet and able to exchange (send and receive) data. The objects include vehicles, smart phones, gadgets, wearable devices, home appliances, and many other physical devices as well as human. IoT works to make possible for the objec

As a top rated IoT application development company, we help organizations to identify the processes they can IoTize and build solutions around it to deliver intelligence and improved performance.

How We Approach

Creative IT Brains, the globally known IoT application development company, facilitates a holistic approach to complete IoT app development lifecycle. Following are the methods we adopt:

  • Identify & Define the problem

  • Devise Solution

  • Hardware Selection

  • Build Platform

  • Test & Implement

  • Support & Improve

3 Steps to Move forward:

1 Consult

2 Develop

3 Implement & Evaluate

Problem identification and definition

We collaborate to understand and evaluate the problem/pain areas and it’s impact from business, tech and customer perspective. Based on problem definition, various IoT solutions and associated technical solution maps are devised.

  • Future ReadySelection of the best technology to derive long-term solution

  • Business CentricEvaluate business impact, and define and align IoT strategy with business performance

  • Customer CentricIdentifying customer problems and solution mapping while focusing on customer experience and cost factors

Process Deliverables

  • Problem(Process issues/Pain Areas) identification and definition

  • Industry best practices and existing solution analysis

  • Project roadmap with respect to IoT role, Hardware evaluation and

  • expected outcomes

  • Technology stack and MVP roadmap